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Choosing a template out of thousands which must be great and flawless for your website, and can co-relate with the content and nature of your website can be a challenging job for the one who doesn’t have any prior knowledge about website development.

There are hundreds of free WordPress themes from which one can choose but sometimes large number of choices creates dilemma as to which one should be selected for the website.

When you’re new and starting a new blog or website you should always go for simple free WordPress themes as going for premium themes could be a tough decision for you because you would have already invested enough amount in hosting and purchasing other necessary plugins and you won’t want to spend more on it. So that’s why it’s always recommended that beginners should always go for free WP templates at least as you can always customise them according to your needs and it doesn’t burn a hole into your pockets.

We are discussing all the essential points which one must overlook before choosing a free theme with slider which should perfectly cater to your content as well nature of the website.
The first and primary thing should be to know about your needs and requirements i.e. your nature of the website, viewers your website will attract, objectives of your website, your competency of using languages like CSS, PHP or JavaScript in which one you’re fully versed with.

These are some of the questions which one must answer because they are going to form a basis for the selection of responsive free WordPress theme for your website.

The first and foremost thing which comes to our mind during creation of a website in WordPress is that should I use a free template or a paid one? The obvious conclusion should be to go for a free one because it would be your first time and why to invest more money than what you have already invested in purchasing domain and other useful plugins required.

WordPress themes for free are easily available online and they are totally free. Obviously Premium themes will be expensive and for an instance if you buy one of them and later you don’t like or you found another theme more appealing according to the nature and content of your WordPress website and you want to change it then you again have to purchase the new one and you will always regret your decision and there will be no option to get your money back. So it will be very wise decision to choose a free WordPress theme download in your initial phase.

Following are some of the important points which one should consider before choosing a free WordPress theme for software company from the large number of options available in the market:

1. Vulnerability: Most of times developer’s core intention is to enhance the looks of the website and they have overlooked the fact that there could be vulnerabilities in the scripts which can invite hackers to your website who can steal data from your website and then sell it to your competitors. Data can include your viewers contact information and other confidential information. So while choosing a WordPress theme for free one must also keep in mind the point regarding security of the website and customer credentials.

2. Fast Loading: The other important aspect which is necessary in choosing one of flawless free WordPress themes is the swiftness and speed in loading your website. Now, the speed and swiftness is completely depending upon the theme, if you have chosen a theme which is heavy in terms of scripts and codes and consumes heavy amount of time to load several http requests it’s obvious that it’s going to take time to load your website which can frustrate a prospect or a visitor. Many surveys have shown people tend to abandon those websites which take plenty of time to load. Thus leading to ultimately more bounce rates than normal.

3. Multilingual Support: One must always keep in mind the support of multi-language. The multi-language support gives the viewers option to change the website according to their native languages. This can attract viewers from all over world there are many free themes and plugins which give these kind of options to developers to install which can automatically translate the page. Multilingual plugins like polylang, WPML, qTranslate – X are compatible with our all free WP templates.

4. Compatibility: Browser compatibility is one of the option which can grow your website and attract more traffic so choosing one of these free WordPress themes which is fully compatible with all the browsers like mobile, tablet, hand held and other desktop browsers popular in the market. Developers from our team have ran through all the desired tests in order to make all the free templates compatible with all the popular browsers best known to all users.

5. Mobile friendly: In today’s world more and more customers are using mobile devices to surf the internet and hence it is absolutely essential to have a mobile friendly WordPress free theme. Google also ranks those websites on top which are multi-platform friendly which includes mobiles, tablets and other devices. Most of the free WordPress themes are multi-platform friendly but it’s most important to check that the theme you consider should be mobile friendly. In our store we include only the ones which are mobile friendly and have a mobile device first approach. Also one can install AMP (accelerated mobile pages plugin) and can use AMP technology as well in their websites using our free templates.

6. Support: If you have chosen a free WordPress theme which is perfect according to your content and nature of the website but doesn’t offer you any support afterwards then its surely going to land you into some trouble in future. Also you might want to hire a developer later on for this purpose. Whenever you face any issue whether it’s with installation of plugins or any other thing which you are unsure of you might require some kind of support. So its wise to choose a theme which provides support as and when required. In our case we have support as a paid plan and with free themes one can avail either support plan or purchase the Pro theme to get complete peace of mind.

7. Customer feedback: It is very important that one must take back the feedback in the form of review and ratings from the customer so as to know what customers like and what they don’t or dislike the most. Most of the free responsive WordPress themes with slider download do not give such an option. However in our case from time to time we try to gain feedback from our customers and try to have most of the options implemented free of cost. Some features however aren’t possible which are listed in our paid theme. We do however try to give alternate solutions in the form of plugin compatibility.

8. SEO compatibility: The other factor which is very important and should be kept in any free WordPress theme you’re using is compatibility with SEO plugins and SEO friendly coding. As based on HTML and CSS most of the themes are coded nowadays as per SEO coding standards. Choosing a perfect SEO compatible theme is in itself a hard job but plugins make the job easier and hence it is essential one should search for WordPress themes free to download which are compatible with SEO plugins and properly make use of SEO coding and Silos structure to get the maximum advantage while getting you top rankings for SEO.

9. Plugins Availability: The key factor for choosing a perfect free theme of WordPress from the large number of WordPress free themes is the friendliness and compatibility with all the important and popular plugins. While there are number of plugins available on the repository but if a popular plugin is already working out of the box with our chosen free WordPress theme then it reduces the time taken from your end to setup your website and makes your job easy. So while selecting a free theme of WordPress for download one should not just check the responsive ness of the theme but also the plugin compatibility with various and important plugins which you will require now or in future.

In the above points we have discussed some of the important key factors which one must always keep in mind before choosing a free theme from large number of free WP themes available online or in the repository. All the above mentioned key points are very necessary if you’re a new developer or an end user. Some people tend to get confused while choosing from all the available free themes and download based on the look and feel and design. But most of the good looking free themes lack several key points like responsive, SEO and plugin compatibility which are essential and important. Also keep in mind one thing that always go for reliable sources to download themes.

We are going to give you a brief list of best free responsive WordPress themes with slider which have all the above factors in them and are safe to use are obviously completely free.

Some of the best free WordPress themes available on the Internet:

1. Movers and Packers: Out of the thousands themes available, if your website is about the business of transportation and logistics then this theme will be perfect for you. This free WordPress theme with slider is one of the best because it’s 100% responsive and free. It has built in customizer and very light which will help your website to load faster with low bandwidth too. It has tons of customization built in like you can change the background of the theme according to the image or colour. By default, it has three slides and can be run by plug and play setting. The compatibility of the theme also makes it one of the kind Woocommerce which can help in selling the items and many other gallery plugins like nextgen are tested on it and this theme completely supports all of them.

It has been tested with the latest version of the WordPress 3.9. bbPress, contact form 7 plugins are also tested with this theme which can help in making appointments with the clients.

2. Complete Lite: It is a free premium WordPress theme the ease of use makes this theme very intuitive and user friendly. This free WordPress theme with slider has built in customizer by which you can check live changes on the main page. It supports mainly all plugins which are important gallery plugin like nextgen, Ninja forms and contact form 7 and WooCommerce. If your website is one which attracts traffic from parts of the world whose vernaculars are different from each other than this theme is going to be perfect for your website because Complete Lite is Translation ready and multilingual ready.

The theme is mobile friendly as well as less in size which will help in the loading of the website it has the compatibility with all the available browser in the market at this time. Taking reviews and ratings from the viewers is also possible because it is commenting and blogging approachable.

3. Clean Lite: It’s other one of the responsive themes live changes can be seen when customize option is used by the user. It has been experienced on mobile as well as other devices. Complete documented support is available in case you confront any problem. The free WordPress theme with slider has been tested with numerous plugins which are mainly required for the development of the website. Plugins like Woocommerce has also been tested and if you want to use your website for selling products then it is also perfect in that scenario too. Theme is not on heavy side and has very few graphics which are not necessary for the website. This theme also supports translation and is multilingual which make this theme completely viewer friendly. All social network like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and twitter integration is available and widgets can be applied on the footers.

4. Girlie Lite: One of the SKT theme which can be used by female developers or which can be used on website which will attract the women traffic more than the others. It has been designed for the websites keeping in mind the feminism, girlish subject. This free WordPress theme with slider comes with customizer API which can show the real time changes done on the website. It comes with more features in Pro version which has gallery, short codes to layout your content the way you want. It has various button stylings, blog layouts of different types and as well as slider settings and pause time. This free WordPress theme has an amusing footer where one can give direct links to all the social networking websites like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and twitter and their contact info. It supports all the popular plugins like woocommerce for ecommerce and online shopping experience as well as contact form 7 for making arrangements with the clients. It supports the drop down menu navigation up to 5 levels.

5. Naturo Lite: This SKT theme is easy to set up with customization availability. Naturo lite has very minimalistic design with mainly focus on SEO and SMO. This free WordPress theme with slider is very light weight because it has more white space and very less graphics which is the main characteristic of this theme. It has been tested on mobile as well as desktop and it runs very smoothly on all the platforms without any lag. Naturo lite is compatible with Woocommerce and contact form 7 and one gallery plugin nextgen which can enhance the looks of your website drastically. It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 so on which one of the both you’re familiar with you can code with that on this theme.

6. SKT Design Agency: SKT Design Agency is one of the cross browser friendly theme and is versatile in usage. The theme has many plugins already assimilated in it which can help to create the portfolio or team management area or testimonial area. It has been tested on the latest version of the WordPress. Adding shortcodes or adding video or integrating map on the website is also easily possible with this theme. So extending functionality of this theme is very easy. This free WordPress theme is based on customizer which is default API of WordPress and hence doesn’t involve any coding above the core. Also passes theme check and codex standards and ensures security of the website. It also let you have 3 drop down slides on the homepage which is easy to set up. In the footer one can give the links to the social networking pages of the website.

7. SKT Magazine: This responsive free WordPress template with demo content has also passed the google mobile friendly test. Cross browser and cross platform like windows, mac is supported in this theme. Disqus and Facebook comments has also been tested with this theme. It also passes the theme check and codex standard which increases the protection of the website. It has been coded with HTML5 and CSS3 you can choose which one you’re familiar with. It supports all the important plugins like woocommerce, gallery plugin nextgen and many other plugins too. The theme is integrated with social media support like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and twitter. Adding shortcodes are very easy in this theme and one with having no HTML knowledge can develop the website. The main area shows the recent posts in twin grid view like style which looks good. The sidebars and the header area can be used for ads and ad widgets can be displayed.

8. Interior Lite: Interior WordPress theme is a free and lite WordPress theme with slider one which is responsive and mobile friendly. This theme has been tested on iPhone and other handsets and it works like wonders. This theme also passes cross browser testing for multiple popular browsers and is compatible with all of them. This theme also uses Customizer. The main advantage of customizer is that it is very easy to use and one doesn’t require any prior HTML or coding experience. It is also by default loaded with WordPress so one doesn’t need to search or find the option panel. All the changes happen in real time and one can easily check the changes that are being done as they decide on the colours, changes to text and images. Setting up the theme is easy and it is fully documented so that one can go through the steps and easily set it up within no time. Anyone who is interested in interiors, kitchen, architects, cabinets, furnishings, furniture and decors etc. Social media integration with popular social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and twitter have been also included. Copyright can be changed and interior WordPress theme has been coded as per latest standards.

9. Gravida Lite: Gravida Lite is a multipurpose responsive free WordPress theme with a nice look and feel which can be used for any kind of industry. Easy to use with default WordPress customizer. You can make the changes happen and check them real time. Also one may change the default green colour to his chosen colour. Easy to set up homepage with 4 boxes on the top, latest posts on the bottom and then footer. Pro has more features available and easy to set up homepage and add as many elements you want on the homepage. Short codes also work better in the Pro version. However free WordPress business theme has lots of features which enable it to be used for business websites easily. Start-up and small businesses can readily take advantage of this theme and build their websites without any hassle. Portfolio plugins compatibility ensure that one can add any type of gallery. Shop plugin compatibility and other plugin compatibility make this a free to use multipurpose theme. It supports all the popular plugins like woocommerce for ecommerce and online shopping experience as well as contact form 7 for making arrangements with the clients. It supports the drop down menu navigation up to 5 levels.

10. Hotel Lite: This theme has good animation in the homepage which looks very intuitive and user friendly. This free WordPress theme with slider has a wide slider which adds uniqueness than other free WordPress themes. SKT Hotel lite is one of the responsive and instinctive which also has options to customize the webpage directly and look on the real time changes on the webpage due to API integration in the customizer.
It is also coded as per WordPress handbook and codex standards and passes the theme check plugin test. All you have to do is go to Appearance>Customize and start having fun with the theme. It has social media like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and twitter integration and SEO standards maintained. It is a good theme to start with if you have a hotel or lodge or hospitality business.

11. Kraft Lite: If you’re looking for a simple and easy to customize theme then Kraft Lite is perfect option for you. It has mobile friendly design with fast loading ability. This free WordPress theme with slider has been tested with plugins like woocommerce which will help you in building your online store, nextgen can help you in building image galleries online and contact form 7 will help you in attracting clients from all over the globe. The right sidebar can have customized to widgets and you can add as many widgets as you want. Standard errors like 404 and blog templates are also included in the theme. Our free multipurpose responsive WordPress theme also comes with font awesome integrated Navigation making it easy to have a wonderful navigation with similar icons which look really good.

12. IT Consultant Lite: This theme is a consultant template and one of the free WordPress themes and if you’re thinking to build a consultancy website then this theme is going to create a very minimalistic and intuitive experience for the viewers of your website. It is one of the best theme in the above list of best free WordPress themes. The theme has passed the google mobile friendly test and cross browser test. It has WordPress customizer which makes super easy for anyone to change content in real time while overlooking the changes and best thing is noobs can also play with this as it’s easy to work on. Plugins like Woocommerce has also been tested and if you want to use your website for selling products then it is also perfect in that scenario too. Gallery plugins like nextgen has also been tested on this theme too. This free WordPress theme with slider also has social icons integrated and lots of other features like default slider etc.

13. Beauty Spa Lite: This theme is developed by SKT keeping in mind the beauty salons, spas, massage centres, health clinics. Beauty Spa Lite has built in customizer which can show the real time changes on the webpage without any delay. This free WordPress theme with slider comes with 5 slides and Pro has 10 slides. Most of the plugins are compatible with this theme for example woocommerce, nextgen etc. Therefore, you would be able to sell as well as create photographic galleries with these plugins. It has passed all the required test like mobile friendly test, cross browser test and theme check standard test too. It has been coded with HTML5 and CSS3, it’s also compatible with latest WordPress version. This best free WordPress theme with slider comes with default 5 slides and can be upgraded to more slides in Pro version. To customize all you have to do is to go to Appearance>Customize and even beginners would be able to customize this theme like pro.

14. SKT Bakery Lite: This theme by SKT is very responsive because of its less size and also which furnishes growth to your cakes, pastries, bakery shop, cafe and restaurant as well as dine and eateries businesses. Some of the features of this theme are even not present in many premium themes available on the internet. It supports social media integration and this theme has also passed the mobile friendly test. It uses bigger google font which gives a nice and elegant look to the whole webpage. This free WordPress theme with slider comes with 5 slides by default and slides. This free responsive WordPress theme for bakery has sidebar widgets as well as footer is very nice with 4 columns where you can give your contact info as well as your social media links. It supports all the important plugins like woocommerce, gallery plugin nextgen and many other plugins too. So you can sell your items as well as create image galleries online.

15. Fitness Lite: Fitness lite is a free WordPress theme but has features of pro. It is very responsive theme and has passed the Google mobile friendly test which makes it completely free mobile friendly theme. It is compatible with all devices as well as browsers. Our fitness free WordPress theme also has been built on a very light Customizer API which means you can do changes and also simultaneously check the changes happen in real time. It is a light weight API and comes default with WordPress installation. Simple and easy to set up homepage sets itself up with default content. Easy to manage the homepage boxes content as well as the slider. The slider has 5 slides and more slides are available in Pro version. Fitness lite is a fitness free WordPress theme which is compatible with a large number of plugins namely all the gallery plugins which can be used for showcasing gym or fitness trainer photos, team member plugins, contact form 7 for appointments and contact form as well as social media and sharing plugins.

16. Bizness Lite: It is a free responsive theme and has passed Google mobile friendly test. Bizness Lite looks great on all the platforms. It’s SEO friendly as well as comes in compatibility of Woocommerce and page builder. The sidebar of the free theme can be widgetized to include Contact info and all other social media integrations. It is one of the simple theme and doesn’t require one to have prior knowledge of HTML coding. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and supports all the other plugins like nextgen and contact form7 the list is never ending. It has integrated 404, search and blog pages available which is one of premium features available in this free theme. This free WordPress theme with slider comes with 5 default slides which can increased up to 10 in the pro version of the theme. This one of the free WordPress themes has a nice multipurpose business layout which can use for any startup or new business. It also supports translations in different languages which makes it multilingual.